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Jagdish Prakash and Sons

The beautiful union of two souls is not merely an occasion; it is an affair bringing with it a lifetime memory. And to make this experience eternal Jagdish Prakash & Sons brings you complete wedding solutions. As coordinator we provide you with all the assistance and make sure that the traditional Indian wedding retains its meaningful appeal.

  • Wedding Band Bajja
  • Wedding Punjabi Dhol Players
  • Dhol Tasha Players
  • Wedding Dandiya Dancers Group
  • Rajasthani Nagada Players
  • Rajasthani Folk Group
  • Rajasthani Folk Dancers Group
  • Mayur Dance Group
  • Wedding Ghoriwala/Ghoriwale
  • Wedding Horse Baggi/Chariot
  • Wedding Light Set
  • Wedding Chattar/Flower Umbrellas/Cut Flower Crystal Chattar
  • Wedding Mashal Man
  • Wedding Bigul/Bugle Brass Band
  • Fireworks for Wedding
  • Wedding Pagri/Safa/Turbans
  • Dulhan Doli Rental

Wedding Band Bajja / Light / Ghori(mare) / Baggi(chariot)

Our live music players keep alive the tradition of Indian weddings. Our wedding band bajjas are able to add great merriment to your celebration. Our mares or ghoris are all well-fed and taken care of thus look extremely good. You can also hire chariots from us to add to the exuberance of the celebration.We can change the nature of arrangement according to the culture and choices of your family.

Rajasthani Folk Dancers Group

Weddings in India are observed as occasions to celebrate with dance and music. Rajasthani folk dancers when combined with live music add grandness to any wedding and especially if they are from experienced and authentic backgrounds as those from Jagdish Prakash & Sons.

Pagreewala/Wale Turban/Safa for Wedding

Get various exclusive designs of pagrees and safas made from the designers working at Jagdish Prakash & Sons. We use a variety of materials such as Chunari, Ghat Chola and Zari for making our pagrees. We can also incorporate other materials and styles for preparing your exclusive pagree or safa.


Looking for unusual fireworks for your birthday party or marriage or other celebratory occasion? Contact Jagdish Prakash & Sons for some of the finest and safest fireworks in the country. Apart from being an instrumental orchestra band organizer we are also known for our ability to arrange such firework shows for weddings and other parties.

Dhol Players

Want to dance to some rocking Punjabi beats? Dhol players complete any Punjabi wedding and when it is a batch of innovative and experienced ones like the ones at Jagdish Prakash and Sons, your party becomes enjoyable like no other. Let your guests remember what fun they had at your wedding party and talk about it for decades. Our Dhol Players will get everyone moving and dancing to their beats. With the ability to tune according to the wishes and demands of the guests, our Dhol Players will win the hearts of all.

Kachi Ghodi

Weddings are events where people want a mix of tradition and novelty. Kachi Ghodi is one such wish that many people from the Marathi or Rajwada community want to be fulfilled at their weddings. Our team of Kachi Ghodi performers come with an authentic background and are thus able to put up a flawless performance, taking you back to your roots but keeping you hooked nonetheless. Let your guests, your friends and your family return to their childhood days and dance to the traditional folk tunes and enjoy our lovely Kachi Ghodi performances.

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