Jagdish Prakash & Sons presents the most energetic and versatile Bhangra Dance Troup

Bhangra is truly the ethnic dance of India. It signifies our roots, our diversity, and our uniqueness. Bhangra is called the dance of the soul. Performed in weddings, engagements and other joyous occasions, Bhangra is a must for events for which you want to add a traditional touch and a feeling of homeliness. Jagdish Prakash & Sons, an enterprise which exuberates respect for our culture, is proud to present its own Bhangra Dance Troupe in Delhi.

Our Bhangra dancers come across as riveting with their professional attire and a superlative attitude. They are extremely talented and can perform for hours on end. Known for their vibrant and charismatic performances, topped with perfection, our Bhangra dancers strive to be the best and nothing less. Their performances are enhanced by their trendy and unique costumes, perfect for a Bhangra performance.

We have showcased our talent everywhere in India, as well as different parts of the world. We are experienced and know how to make the guests look up and take notice. With Bhangra, the main element is a factor of joy and happiness. Bhangra is best done when everyone joins in. This is exactly what happens at our performances. Our artists perform multiple easy to do steps so that crowds can match up with them and have a great time. Whether it is a wedding, a corporate function or even a private party, Bhangra amps up the excitement and makes the event memorable. You can even add Dhol player to make the evening spicier.

Contact Jagdish Prakash & Sons for an enthralling show which will be remembered for years. A hallmark of legacy, we would be honored to serve you. Our services are top class and prices are absolutely reasonable. We make events lighten up. Call us now to get great discounts on all our bookings!!

Gidda dancers who will charm your guests!!

Gidda is the most attractive and graceful dance of Punjab. It is a dance which signifies festivity and happiness. It brings loads of joy and true brotherhood. Jagdish Prakash & Sons bring you this great dancing experience, which will enrapture your beloved guests and keep them glued to the dancers.

Our Gidda dancers wear traditional clothing such as a short shirt (choli) with ghaghra or lehenga in bright colors such as yellow, green, red, purple, orange, etc. with heavy jewelry. The attire is completed by wearing a tikka on the forehead to give an ethnic feel. Performers clap their hands and celebrate as it is done in the villages of Punjab. Slogans are sung while dancing which exhibit the deep human feeling. It is truly an exhibit to watch. The songs are derived from the lives of women who live a simple yet loving life.

There is always a story attached to this dance form which makes the audience take notice until the end. One girl will play the bride, another mother or even sister in law. This gives purpose to the enactment and you feel a sense of relatedness and enjoyment at how things pan out. In this dance, all the dancers follow the rhythmic drum sounds and form as a circle. While the dancers move in a circle they chant ‘Bolis’ and the dancers raise their hands to the level of their shoulders and clap in the union. Then, they strike their palms against those of their neighboring dancers. The drum sound, the clapping hands sound, and folk verses bring richness to the spectators in a never seen before experience. They also lay emphasis on guest engagement and you can wholeheartedly join our dancers and make merry as you dance your heart out. This makes for a thrilling experience.

Contact Jagdish Prakash & Sons for amazing performances which will blow your mind away. We are spectacular at what we do. Perfection is our calling and we firmly believe in customer satisfaction. We believe in quality and strive to deliver that to you. Call us now for the best prices on Bhangra Dance Group in Delhi. We hope you have a fabulous time at our event!!


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