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Royal Shehnai Players

The shehnai, shahnai, shenai or mangal vadya, is a double reed oboe, common in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Iran, made out of wood,....read more

Wedding & Party Music Players

We have all kind of instrument players like : Shehnai player, Sitar player, Sarangi player, Santur player, Flute player, Sarod, Piano player....read more

Symphony Band for Wedding

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Rajasthani Folk Singers

We aim to provide you with the best Rajasthani folk singers of India. We believe that our India is full of talent and skills. Talents from....read more

'Jagdish Prakash and Sons' - A symbol of Trust in Evolution

To make an event memorable and successful the people as well as corporate avail the service of the entertainment company extensively. The demand for the services of the Entertainment Company is augmenting. Jagdish Prakash and Sons is a leading entertainment company. The company offers unique and impressive entertainment options for the different events and occasions. Jagdish Prakash and Sons have extensive experience in the entertainment industry and are well-known for its consistent and quality service it offers to the clients. The company specializes in providing the professional artist and performers for various events, like the wedding, corporate events, private parties, birthdays, and various other events.Read More

Why Choose Us ?

  • Experience

    Our roots date back to 1905. Shri Om Prakashji started the business of providing music and entertainment at weddings and such social events. later on Mr Jagdish Prakash joined the company and began tuning the services to the needs of the present day. He also focussed on improving the services and making the organisation more reachable by the people at large. Thus, our work began when entertainment options particularly in the forms of shehnai, wedding music and the like were limited. We have come a long way since then and this has been possible only because of our willingness to change with the needs of time. Experience and hard work is what has brought us so far.

  • Variety

    Our entertainment packages are not just meant for weddings but also have a lot for other social gatherings and parties. Our live music options are also varied. While on one hand, we have a Qawwali Group on the other is a Rock band ready to perform at your event. We can handle live stage shows of differing kinds and have also organised many international standard live shows for our audience. Military or army band is also available with us. In fact, we have dance troupes working with us for our shows too. We have successfully lifted up the spirits of many at weddings, anniversary parties, family get-togethers, destination weddings, corporate events, delegate parties and more. We have the expertise to organise a different act according to each event and its demands.

  • Quality

    Nothing beats good quality and it is only the feedback that can speak for this. Consider the number of years that we have been present in this field and how performing well only will take one this far. Our performances are dynamic and have led us to win many awards too. Our aim is not just to entertain you by singing or dancing but helping you have a truly wonderful time with your near and dear ones so that the event becomes etched in your memory. We believe in forming long term relationships with our clients and thus always try to stay focussed on providing you with the best performance.

We have various type of music for the following occasions

Wedding & Pre-wedding Music, Ladies Sangeet (Mehndi Party), Birthday and Wedding Anniversary, Cultural Activities, Inaugurations, Receptions and Cocktails, Sagan Ceremony, Corporate party, Bhakti Sangeet (Jagran & Mata Ki Chowki), Kitty Party.

Wedding Planning Services

  • Live Orchestra Band
  • Symphony Band
  • Instrumental Orchestra Band
  • Live Shehnai for Wedding
  • Rajasthani Folk Dancers
  • Indian Classical Music
  • Wedding Dhol Tasha Players
  • Choreographer for wedding Sangeet
  • DJ n Dholi
  • Imported Lights & Sound
  • Male Female Singers
  • Dance Troupe ( Bollywood, Indian Classical, Bhangra, Gidda, Westren, Haryanavi, Manipuri etc.)
  • Sufi Singer/Gazal Night
  • Qawwali Singer Group
  • Rock / Jazz / Fusion Band
  • Male Female Emcee (Anchor), Hostesses
  • Wedding Band Bajja
  • All arrangements of Barat i.e Band Bajja, mare-Chariot, Lights, Doli, Fireworks (Aatishbazi) etc.
  • Live Stage Show
  • Celebrity Management
  • Indian Wedding Music Planner
  • International Act and Performers