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Shehnai Players

Shehnai is an incredible instrument with those calming and soothing notes. The Shehnai has been a part of the Indian Culture for centuries and is often played at various occasions..

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Flute Player

Hiring a flute player for wedding, corporate event, wedding reception, anniversary, birthday party or any other type of event can really add a touch of sophistication and create an incredible..

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Sitar Player

Sitar Players are renowned for their prowess and their perfection when they play this classical instrument. It is a matter of pride for Jagdish Prakash & Sons to present to you the best..

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Violin Player

Violin is primarily a Western classical music instrument which is used to create a high-pitched sound. It has gained acknowledgment for its use genres of folk including country music, bluegrass..

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Saxophone Player

Professional Saxophone player is certainly an ultimate choice for the event that will keep the audience entertained. The fascinating music of the Saxophone with a perfect and captivating set up will..

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Piano Player for Wedding

The wedding season is on and while we plan to organize the grand celebration and feast, we want to put the best show forward. We dream and look forward to keep our guests enchanted and fascinated..

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Accordion Player

An Accordion is an instrument which is completely different from others. It is a Western instrument which has gained prominence among Indians for the spectacular nature of its performances..

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Orchestra Band for Wedding

Our Band with Male – Female Singers is arranged for different occasions to sing songs as per the ceremonies. Talented Singers play specially chosen songs that suit the occasion. Special requests..

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Instrumental Band

The Instrumental Band will play the songs of your choice and create a fantastic atmosphere to get everyone at the occasion in the mood of celebration. They come well prepared and deliver captivating..

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Symphony Band for Wedding

Are you looking for a Symphony band in Delhi? A symphony is the musical collaboration of different musical instruments to perform a western musical performance. It usually includes multiple..

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Rajasthani Folk Singers

We aim to provide you with the best Rajasthani folk singers of India. We believe that our India is full of talent and skills. Talents from different places have their own importance. If you see Rajasthani folk singers..

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Rajasthani Folk Dancers

Rajasthan is famous for many traditional Rajasthani folk dances. The tourist from across the world visits Rajasthan to watch these dances. Folk dances are generally mixed with folk songs of love songs..

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Bhangra & Gidda Dance Troupe

Bhangra is truly the ethnic dance of India. It signifies our roots, our diversity, and our uniqueness. Bhangra is called the dance of the soul. Performed in weddings, engagements and other joyous occasions..

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Ladies Sangeet

Ladies sangeet is a special event especially for women where women of all the ages enjoy together, sing together, dance on folk songs as well as bollywood songs fulfils all the customs made by our ancestors..

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Nagada Players

The Nagada is a type of the folk drum that is played with wooden sticks and is played during special ceremonies. The Nagada Players have exceptional talent and gives a breathtaking performance..

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Ghazal Singers

Ghazal Singing is a dying art which needs appreciation and revival in the upcoming times. Jagdish Prakash & Sons aims to increase the popularity of this music which touches the heart and soul of all. .

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Sufi Qawwali Singers

We offer Qawwali singers at the most reasonable price. They are highly reliable and punctual. They know how to captivate crowds and perform in front of hundreds of guests. A very important feature of any event ..

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Bagpipe Band

Bagpipe bands are nothing new. They have been sought after in wedding ceremonies and special occasions for centuries. If you are looking to hire a Bagpipe Band in Delhi or anywhere in India then we are dedicated ..

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Jaltarang Player

A Jaltarang is an instrument which is part of our Indian heritage. It is a melodious Indian percussion instrument which consists of different bowls of water that are used to create a mesmerizing tune which is pleasing ..

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Santoor Player

A Santoor is played while sitting in an asana called Ardha-padmasana position and placing it on top of the lap. While playing, the broad side is closer to the waist of the musician and the shorter side is away from the musician..

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Entertainment Management

Take your event or party to a whole new level of entertainment and fun by hiring our live band to perform. There is nothing quite like the thrill of a band of musicians playing and you and your guests dancing..

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Wedding & Party Music Management

We have following kind of instrument players, Shehnai Player, Jaltarang Player, Sarod Player, Piano Player, Clarinet Player..

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Wedding Procession Management

The beautiful union of two souls is not merely an occasion; it is an affair bringing with it a lifetime memory. And to make this experience eternal Jagdish Prakash & Sons brings you complete wedding solutions..

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