Jagdish Prakash & Sons is a company which is the epitome of adaptability and listening to its customer’s demands. Over the years we have successfully enlarged our services to accommodate the new tastes and likings of our customers. A new and highly popular service is the performance of a cellist.

A cello player is a professional and trained artist who plays the instrument cello. A cello is an international instrument used in solo as well as an orchestra. It has recently gained fame in India and is being well appreciated around the country.

We provide local as well as international artists who have years of experience in playing the cello. They have performed to a packed house in India and abroad and garnered admiration and applause from all around. What makes Jagdish Prakash and Sons the best provider of such artists is the quality that our company provides. We only believe in giving our customers a premium service incomparable to others. And that too at the best price.

Delhi, the capital of our country is a great mixture of many cultures and traditions and music is no exception. With classical, contemporary, modern and all kinds of entertainment being well appreciated here. The cello is used in different performances. Performance jobs include playing as a freelancer in small groups, playing in a chamber music group, large ensembles, or performing solo music, either live onstage or as a session player for radio or TV broadcasts or for recordings.

A cello player’s performances mesmerize everyone. It creates a hypnotizing effect. Most of our customers are repeat customers who have enjoyed the performances so much that they have asked for them to perform at their events again and again. Another special quality of a cellist is that he can get along with other artists very well. So, if you plan to hire many different artists, then hiring a cellist is the best option.

We even allow you to choose your preferred artist in many cases. The entire process is transparent and easy. We handle all the intricacies for you. We even provide audio and video clips of artists for your satisfaction. If you are looking for a reliable Cello player in Delhi, we have the perfect match for you. Our managers are friendly and helpful and open to any suggestions or doubts that you may have. Contact us now for best discounts at your bookings.

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