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Jagdish Prakash and Sons

JAGDISH PRAKASH AND SONS is a leading Delhi based entertainment company providing superior musical services for wedding, ladies sangeet, parties, and all other special events. The Music & Entertainment (Orchestra Band) business was initially started from the hub of old Delhi (INDIA) in 1905 by Mr. Om parkash (Omi Khalifa) as a Shehnai player and later on expanded its business services in the field of music and entertainment planning in entire India and overseas.

We started providing entertainment services from the time when entertainment sources were limited. We employ the finest musicians, male or female singers in Delhi (INDIA) - performers who share our vision and give their best every time they play. In 1992 Mr. Jagdish Prakash son of Mr. Om Parkash (Omi Khalifa) joined the company and emphasized on the quality of the entertainment services provided by the company.

We recognize the importance of each and every event that we manage and the opportunity it represents to make an impact with your delegates. We accept no compromise, never take chances and always succeed, delivering excellent performances that give a real return on investment. From inspiring venues to luxury hotels, exclusive destinations to stunning productions, strong themes and creative programmes, at Jagdish Prakash and Sons you can trust us to create a memorable, original experience that delivers results.

The Jagdish Prakash and Sons has created dynamic, award winning performances for Bollywood, Minister’s homely events, IAS, IPS, IFS officers, Chief Justice of India, High Court Judges, Supreme Court Judges, Lawyers, Diplomats, International level players, Industrialists, Govt. Of India sponsored programmes, big event management companies, other media events and many more. We have all arrangements related to wedding, pre-wedding, post wedding(be it of Bengali, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Punjabi, Sikh, Baniya, Sindhi, Marwari, Muslim, Jain or any other Indian community) ,birthday party, wedding anniversary, cultural activity, religious affair, festivals (Holi mangal-milan, Diwali-pujan, etc), inaugurations, receptions, cocktails, sagan ceremony, corporate parties, welcome occasions, national events and many more.

Jagdish Prakash and Sons specializes in all type of Entertainment & Management. We believe in relationship building and providing all relevant coordination as per requirements.

We provide the following type of services

Wedding & Procession Management

The shehnai, shahnai, shenai or mangal vadya, is a double reed oboe, common in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran, made out of wood, with a metal flare bell at the end. Its sound is thought to create and maintain a sense of auspiciousness and sanctity and, as a result, is widely used during marriages, processions, in temples, concerts, conferences etc in India.

India's No1 Best, Royal Live shehnai players in Delhi/NCR/India for wedding, procession & auspicious events.

Wedding Band, Punjabi Dhol/Bhangra Party, Dandiya Party, Dhol Tasha Party, Nafeeri Players, Military Band, Rajasthani Folk Dancers, Nagada, Turai, Pagdi/Turban/Safa, Wedding Mare/Ghori, Chariot/Baggi/Rath, Elephants & Camels, Wedding Lights, Hydrogen Lights, Mashal, Flower Umbrella/Chatar, Dulhan Chatar, Flower Shots, Sivakasi Fireworks/Atishbazi, Fire Acts, Dulhan Doli, Nagin Party/Folk Artists, Dulhan Entrance Concepts, Jaimala Theme, Hydraulic Stage, Revolving Stage and many more.

Ladies Sangeet (Mehndi ki Raat)

We have Male & Female singers, Dancers, Dance Choreographers for Sangeet who can perform on songs with Dholki and Orchestra. We perform on following types of Songs (Geets) for Ladies Sangeet & Mehndi ki Raat occasion Ganesh Vandana, Banna – Banni, Tel - Baan Ke Geet, Punjabi Folk Songs (Geet), Raat Jaga (Traditional Sangeet with dholki), Rajasthani Folk Songs, Bhaat ke geet, Tappe Boliya, Sehre ke geet, Bhaat ke geet, Suhag ke Geet, Ghori ke geet, Marwari Songs, Lagan Ke Geet, Haldi ke Geet, Seetne, Non Stop Dandiya, Old and New Films songs.

We also have different type of Dancers for Ladies Sangeet & Mehndi Ki Raat

Gidda Dance Troupe, Bhangra Group, Rajasthani Folk Dancers, Dandiya Party, Western Dancers, Bollywood Dancers, Haryanvi Dance Group and many more.

Wedding & Party Music Management

We have all kind of Instrument Players:
  • Shehnai Player
  • Sitar Player
  • Sarangi Player
  • Santoor Player
  • Flute Player
  • Sarod Player
  • Guitar Player
  • Violin Player
  • Mandolin
  • Nagada Player
  • Jaltarang Player
  • Rabab Player
  • Banjo Player
  • Dhol Player
  • Tabla Player
  • Dholak Player
  • Pakhawaj Player
  • Mridungam Player
  • Acoustic Player
  • Drum Player
  • Octapad Player
  • Congo Player
  • Bongo Player
  • Thumba
  • Dholaki Player
  • Accordion Player
  • Bugle Player
  • Pipe Band
  • Bass Drum
  • Saxophone Player
  • Side Drum
  • Soprano Player
  • Synthesizer
  • Clarinet Player
  • Cello Player
  • Bagpiper Player
  • Piano Player
  • Trumpet Player
  • Harmonium Player
  • Tasha Player

Entertainment Management

Orchestra/Band/ Musical Group, Live Band, 21 Piece Symphony Band, Rock / Jazz / Fusion Band, Indian Classical Music Group, Light and Sound (JBL, Yamaha, Nexus, Martin etc) Hi-fi DJ(Disk Jockey), Male Female Singers, Sufi Singers/Gazal Night Singers, Qawwali Group, Emcee (Anchor), Hostesses, Dance Troupe (Western, Bollywood, Indian Classical (Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Ganesh Vandana) Bhangra, Gidda, Rajasthani, Haryanvi, Manipuri etc), Music & Dance Choreographers/Sangeet choreographers, Live Stage Shows, Magician, Indian Wedding Music Planner and many more.

So let’s join hands towards creating a series of mesmerizing moments of their own kind in events, promotions and entertainment.