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A percussion instrument is a multi-dimension instrument capable of producing a range of sounds which are pleasing to the ears. A percussionist performs in a wide variety of events such as Weddings, Birthday Parties, Engagements, Corporate events and much more. He is adaptable to both Bollywood and rock music.

We at Jagdish Prakash & Sons have talented and experienced percussionists who are well renowned for their skills and talents. They have an innate ability to understand our guest’s preferences and play the music they desire. Having performed all over the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai among other places, they have been much appreciated by our clients.

If you are looking for a Percussionist in Delhi, Jagdish Prakash & Sons is the name you can rely upon. We offer the most affordable price yet the best quality. Having been in the field of entertainment for decades now, we know exactly what touches our customer’s hearts and strive to deliver just that.

If you have a different liking for music and enjoy genres like Jazz, Soft Rock, Fusion or even Retro, a percussionist is your best choice for an entertaining evening.  They bring the night alive with a mix of drums and Tablas. They give songs a pleasant remix and the crowd can be heard cheering them on. If you wish to have a joyful and entertaining night, a percussionist is an artist who should surely be on stage.

Jagdish Prakash & Sons is a hallmark of quality and customer satisfaction. We have served the who’s who of the country and have received applauses from them. We wish to endure a long-lasting and satisfying relationship with you. We hope you have the most memorable event of your life with us!

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