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India is the country of God and Goddess. Since ancient times we sang bhajans and prayers to get blessings of God. In north India particularly in Delhi and surrounding belt, Mata ki chowki and Jagran are most famous. Mata ki chowki is a whole night watching. You are required to awake all the night to worship Goddess Durga or jagdamba and then celebrate the night by singing bhajans in her dignity. Whatever will be the name of the goddess chowkis and Jagran has a special place in the heart of Delhiites

Though there is not any specific day or reason to organize it. Folks do it when their desire has been fulfilled. You can also organize it on some special occasions like birthday, marriage, and festivals like Durga Pooja or Diwali etc. To have a perfect Mata ki chowki you need a party who is experts in performing Jagran. A lot of factors to be considered before organizing it!

First of all make a list of friends, relatives, and neighbours whom you would like to invite. Though, Mata ki chowki is an open event. Anyone can join it without invitation. But inviting known persons is a tradition. Your major task is to find the best party or you can say the company who has expertise in performing such events. As the event is connected to your spiritual belief you want to it most enjoyable. A good Jagran party knows how to create an ambience in which everybody willing to give their participation. Some other factors which help to make it a grand event are:

Stage Decoration

The stage is important for any Jagran party, to make a beautiful and devotional environment. A good stage decorator knows how to add flowers to the stage so that everybody gets enchanted.

Tent Decoration

Tent decoration is also important. You should choose the colour theme with suits with the theme of your Jagran party. For Mata ki chowki red and yellow tents are considered to be good. Expert tent decorator can make the theme of a temple with the tents.


You should hire a photographer who is good at capturing special moments. A photographer is required to record all happy moments of Mata Ki Chowki.

DJ Sound System

DJ plays a vital role in every function. Either it’s a marriage party or Jagran party. Good Jagran party has their own musical group. As they regularly play in Mata Ki Chowki, they are experts to make a good environment which suits such events. Everybody loves to dance on the beats.

Fortunately, Delhi has lots of talented parties which help you to organize Mata ki chowki or Jagran. A good company has taken responsibility of getting all above arrangements so that you need not go here and there. Among them, Jagdish Prakash and Sons have made their ideal place in Delhi to organize Mata Ki Chowki.

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