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Jagdish Prakash and Sons

Jagdish Prakash & Sons provides professional live bands for weddings which will surely make your wedding a big hit among all your guests. We have a team of great live band performers who have years of experience in enthralling crowds. They have become famous for their superlative performances at various high-profile weddings. They’ve even enthralled audiences in destination weddings as well. The band is really nice with soulful voices.

You would appreciate their co-operation and efforts in building and preparing the playlist as per your preferences. We try to make it one memorable night with our melodious performance. You will truly be satisfied with we serve.

We have ample of options ranging from Bollywood, fusion, rock, Indi-pop and many others to choose from. Our live band specializes in wedding music and plays the best tunes for your entertainment. We enjoy when the crowd enjoys and wish to serve the client with their requests and making a memorable event for everyone. For us making the environment beautiful with the music is what we believe in. In the industry which requires adjustment across all genres, we have the willingness to adjust accordingly to every genre’s demands.

Jagdish Prakash & Sons is an enterprise committed to customer satisfaction. We have been in the field of entertainment for decades and know the requirements of all our clients. We leave no stone unturned in fulfilling our client needs. We offer the best prices which are unmatched by anyone in the industry. Contact us now to book an amazing artist who will make your wedding a big hit!!


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