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Traditional Indian events are never complete without the best attire. And Safaand Pugris form an integral part of our culture. They symbolise respect and humility. A person wearing a Safa or Pugri looks the part.

There are thousands of styles to tie a safa and the style varies depending on the region where the family comes from. We provide the most colourful and versatile Safas and Pugris in the market today. Although ethnicity is no longer important, colour is now chosen to match what you are wearing. The Safas are usually taken as an honour of person getting married and a sense of respect is attached with turbans in the culture of Rajasthan. A guy wearing Safa with its conventional sherwani looks all the more handsome and a best gentleman.

Jagdish Prakash & Sons provides the best PugrisSafa Turban in town. Given the wide range of available options to choose from, you can always opt for the colour which matches your Jodhpuri suit. This comes in excellent design, smooth texture, shrink resistance and beautiful colours at affordable price.

Not just that, we also provide professional Safa tying experts to tie the turban for you. We understand that it is a manual process which takes a lot of time and skill. It will take him just a couple of minutes to get it done! It is done in an elegant way with a touch of tradition.The safa tying activity happens just before the baraat procession begins. The groom’s relatives and friends can get their safas tied at the start of the baarat while usually the bride’s side guests and family members get theirs tied at the venue so that they are ready to receive the baraat when it arrives at the venue.

Rest assure we offer the best prices. But there is a minimum order which we need to ensure it is feasible. Contact us regarding the same. We believe in your happiness. We leave no stone unturned in meticulously making sure you are satisfied with us. We understand that weddings are a lifelong memory and do everything to ensure that it goes perfectly as planned. We offer the best prices for our products. We never compromise on quality.

So, the next time you have a wedding in the family, Jagdish Prakash & Sons are here to help you.

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Wedding Safa

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